Why make this festival?
This festival was made by young creators, for creators everywhere.
Every one should be motivated and celebrated for the great stories that they tell
That is the foundation in which this festival lives upon. 
We deeply value the local community of Mercersburg, the great people that occupies it, and the spirit of innovation and creativity that ebb and flows throughout. However, great content and great stories, as well as the creative individuals that made them, need a place to be discovered and thrive. Maddie and I hope that this festival will be a place just for that. 
We want this festival to create a space where bold and important conversations can flourish.​​​​​​​  
We both believe that this event will be the first in a long list of celebrations towards the creative greatness of this town, and that people will continue to be inspired by one another to tell the stories that matter. 
Be hopeful. Be inspired. Be curious.​​​​​​​
Lastly, have the courage to keep creating.
Casey Nguyen and Maddie Kennedy